Monday, December 21, 2015

In two minutes

I open the door to my backyard and step out into the bright sun. I walk over to the clothesline and place down my big pink bucket full of laundry. I squint; it is too sunny but a bit shadier where I am standing. As I start putting out the clothes to dry I remember this wonderful “In two minutes” prompt which I came across on Rachna Says. The prompt was to quietly observe things as they happen in 2 minutes. All inspired by the delightful account of Rachna’s peaceful two minutes, I stop the laundry drying business and quietly begin observing my surroundings.

I can hear the neighbour’s washing machine at work. It is constantly on. I wonder how they have so many clothes to wash. Then it dawns on me that there are 6 people in their family apart from the domestic helps. They are Omanis and I have seen their women in lovely abayas and scarves, so there must be plenty to wash. I look at their backyard. It is green and pleasant to look at. There is a lime tree bearing fresh green limes, a beautiful sorrel tree and a papaya plant.

Near their compound wall is a lush creeper in full bloom and beyond that is another villa where a European family lives. There is a tall plant near the window full of bright yellow bell-shaped flowers. Suddenly my "two minutes of silent observation" turns into a bird watching session as a flight of various birds lands on the flowered tree and creeper.

There are sparrows, a tiny glossy black bird with a shiny streak of royal blue on its head, and two brown birds which I believe belong to the pigeon family. Another one presently drifts in stylishly. It is small, bright green, has a long beak and clearly knows she is way too pretty. She creates a flutter, showing off her wings and flies away to the opposite side. I turn around to follow her movement.

She is presently perched on the gate of the villa opposite ours where a Filipino family lives. They are seldom seen outside. I suddenly feel very “fancy” for living in such a multicultural neighbourhood. The little birdie goes her way and then I hear the noon Azhan from the nearby mosque. The muezzin’s voice rings loud and clear and there is a sense of peace.

I realize I have stood there for more than 2 minutes. I make a mental note that I should do this more often and then resume with the work I had left unfinished.


  1. How lovely, Veena. You opened me to different cultures. I was happy bird watching with you. Thanks so much for taking this up.

  2. Way beautiful.
    When I saw an alert on the post, I started reading it in a hurry, and somewhere, when I reached the part about the lime tree, I realized what I was doing and slowed down, went back and started reading it again, this time savoring and taking in every detail, much like the post itself. In 2 minutes... you gave me a huge glimpse of your life there... I loved it. :)

  3. Rachna
    Thank you so much, Rachna. For your kind words and for the prompt that prompted me to come back to my blog. :)

    Oru Pen Kutty
    Your comment makes me feel so good! Do take it up. I am sure you will have fun with this prompt. I truly enjoyed writing it. :)

  4. You have painted in your enchanting words a picturesque scene around your house that seems hard to get the whole ensemble
    In two minutes.I hope you did not forget the bucket full of clothes!

  5. May be my comments to this post and the earlier one have gone into your spam !!

  6. KP
    Haha, no I did not Sir, thankfully :D And you precious comments are safe here. Thanks for visiting :)

  7. this is a beautiful activity. I should do it as well. We are lucky to be living in this city, don't you think?! A very happy new year to you!

  8. Sujata
    Yes, you should! And yes, Muscat is a great city to live in. :) Too late to wish now, but here's wishing you a very happy new year!

    Thank you!


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