Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Lessons from a role model

Know the value
It was a special day for the little sisters aged just 6 and 4. They were getting their first ever doll that could blink and whose limbs you could move. They stood quietly in the shop after they chose the one they liked. After what seemed like forever, the doll was bought and they named her ‘Dimple’. As they admired their most prized possession, their father held them close and told them with a smile, “It costs 75 rupees. It is expensive. Be careful with it, ok?”
“Sure!” chorused the little girls and Dimple remained their favourite doll for years to come. 

Be kind
A six year old girl told her father about her discovery of the day. Well, what was it? She had two sweets, asked her friend if she wanted one and the friend said yes and took one! The little girl called her friend greedy, took back the sweet and saved the day. The girl narrated the incident with pride. Her father gently but firmly told her that she had been really rude and that she owed her friend an apology and a sweet. ‘Be kind to everyone and never take back what you have given’, he told her with a smile, at least thrice that evening.  

Mind your language
An 8 year old girl was speaking to her friend on the phone.
“Well, did you got it? Ok then, bye!”
Her father turned around from the chair where he was reading the newspaper and said, “Minu, it is ‘did you get it’, not ‘got it’. Remember, ‘did’ is followed by a present tense verb. Always!”
On another occasion he told her the formula to never confuse the spellings of ‘dairy’ and ‘diary’. Dairy or milk is what you get daily. So remember – Daily-Dairy. The other one is diary. 

When in doubt, laugh it out
Two little sisters couldn’t get their homework right. They were messing it all up and crying out loud for not being able to do it. Instead of scolding, their father who had been assigned to help them out by their mother, was laughing at their distress. This annoyed the little girls even further. “But your antics are so funny! Haha! See, this is how you do it.” He explained everything calmly and couldn’t help breaking into laughs whenever one whined. By the end of it all, the girls were laughing too. 

Keep calm and move on
A young woman was turning the house upside down in search of her ID Card which she needed for an examination the next day. As it was a Sunday, she couldn’t go to the study centre either to get a duplicate. Both parents and daughter looked up every nook and cranny but it was LOST. She was in tears. After some gyaan on keeping things safe and not waiting till the last moment, the father told her, “Just relax. Go to the exam venue with your hall ticket and write the exam.”
“But it’s clearly written on the hall ticket that you will be debarred if you don’t produce your ID card!” she wailed.
“So? Is there anything else you can do now? Just go and trust me, everything will be okay.”
Like he had predicted, the invigilator turned out to be a kind man who allowed her to write the exam and advised her to get the duplicate ID the same day for the upcoming exam. 

I can go on and on about the things our father has imbibed in us, but these are some incidents that are as clear as daylight in my memory. They also capture the essence of everything he has taught us – the value of kindness, laughter, money, composure and perfection. My father has taught us not just to love, laugh and let go but also to fall, falter and fail gracefully.  I can’t thank him enough for being what he is and I also know thank-yous are unnecessary between parents and children. 

On your birthday today, Acha, I wish you many, many more years of joy, adventure and good health. May your love for travel take you to many more beautiful places around the world. Keep smiling, keep shining, and keep growing. 

We love you to the moon and back! Have an amazing birthday :) 

On my wedding eve


  1. U r an amazing writer veena..So well written about the beautiful bond u share with ur dad..Happy birthday uncle.

  2. So this is what we are doing now, dedicating blogposts on birthdays!! It’s definitely the sweetest thing, love it! And I remember your dad as one of the calmest people I’ve met!! Happy birthday to him...❤️

  3. Moni
    Thanks a bunch!:)

    Calm as a monk, yes :) thanks!


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